Getting Started with QGIS

Setting up QGIS


If you haven't already, download and install the appropriate version of QGIS for your machine from

Note that new versions of GGIS are usually released every few months - it's not normally necessary to upgrade, although new features are added all the time. New versions are installed as a standalone application, so you can have more than one version installed if you like.

Setting Up

A couple of tips to get started once you have QGIS installed.

  • To make the icons smaller and get more screen space, go to Settings > General > Icon size
  • To change the language of the UI, go to Settings > Locale, then check Override system locale, and choose the locale to use (you will need to restart QGIS to see the effect)
  • Right-click in the toolbar area, and uncheck any of the toolbars you are not using to free even more screen space - for example you won't need Digitizing in this exercise
  • Close any panels in the main screen you don't need - most people just use the Layers for normal work