Getting Started with QGIS

What QGIS Can Do

There is of course a whole load more that QGIS can do which we don't have time to cover here.

This includes:

  • connecting directly to your data in a database: PostGres, SpatiaLite and MS SQL data can all be loaded directly from the Load Data buttons
  • showing data from other only sources, including OGC-compliant web services such as WMS (Web Mapping Service) and WFS (Web Feature Service): also from the Load Data buttons
  • publish data which can be consumed by websites: using QGIS server
  • carry out geo-processing operations, such as buffer and clip: using the Vector menu
  • load and export most spatial data file formats: using Add Vector Layer and Save As
  • convert data into different projections: using Save As
  • carry out spatial analysis operations, such as calculating distances, finding points which fall within a polygon, and statistical analysis: using the Tools options in the Vector menu
  • display, analyse and process raster data: using the options on the Raster menu
  • download and work with OpenStreetMap data: using Vector > OpenStreetMap